Wellness Retreat in Florida

There are several ways to accomplish a wellness retreat in Florida. Our sunshine state is known to do wonders on your body, mind, and soul. However, the sun isn’t the only reason why Naples, Florida, is a beautiful place to relax. Naples, Marco Island, and the Everglades are a part of the Blue Zones Project; This organization helps transform communities across America to embrace a healthier lifestyle. And since you’re planning a Naples vacation, this lifestyle includes you too! Whether you enjoy healthy meals, vigorous exercise, or a soul-fulfilling environment, you’ll find all of these Naples activities and more on your wellness retreat in Florida! 

Yoga on the Beach 

Naples is well-known for its wide variety of yoga classes; you never know when there may be a yoga class around the corner or on the beach. While there are several Naples yoga studios, yoga programs, and yoga fitness gyms, our team here at Vanderbilt Vacation Rentals recommends our guests have an authentic yoga experience on the beach. Seasoned yoga instructors host regular yoga classes on beaches, such as Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park and Lowdermilk Park. Trust us; there is nothing more relaxing than practicing yoga on the beach. Just picture Naples’ white, sandy beaches, with nothing but crashing waves sounding in the distance. 


If extreme balance and core strength are in your toolbox, then stand-up paddleboarding is one of the best Naples activities for you. Locals believe stand-up paddleboarding (AKA SUP) is a relatively easy sport to learn. After a short lesson, you’ll be up at gliding along the shoreline in no time flat. There are also several canals, marinas, and lagoons for you to explore once you master SUP. Before getting excited, head to Naples Outfitters, or All Water Excursions, for a stand up paddleboard rental. The stores’ staff will hook you up with all the required equipment.  

Salt Cave Therapy

Wellness Retreat in FloridaAfter years of hearing how bad salt is for you, we’re here to tell you the exact opposite. Salt is excellent for your lungs and overall health! For this reason, there are several salt caves in Florida. All you have to do is sit inside of the cave and let the salt work its magic! Salt Cave Naples’ fiery orange rooms play soothing music so you can meditate or sink into deep relaxation. The cave’s air simulates the micro-climate of a salt mine by dispersing saline aerosol. The salty air is an all-natural healing remedy for your body. 

Vanderbilt Vacation Rentals boasts homes located near several Naples activities, so you’ll have the perfect wellness retreat in Florida no matter which home you stay in. Talk to our friendly staff today for assistance in finding the perfect vacation rental for you. Start by browsing our availability on our website.