Naples Botanical Garden

If winter in your hometown involves snow, snow, and more snow, then Christmas on the beach probably sounds like a dream come true. For this year’s holiday season, treat your family with a trip to Naples, Florida. Here, you’ll find nothing but sunshine and good times. If you’re unsure where to begin, visit the Naples Botanical Garden. While the Botanical Garden is always an activity that your whole family will love, it’s especially enjoyable during the holidays. Each year, the garden embraces the magic of Christmas and hosts “Night Lights in the Garden.” They’re simply the best Christmas lights in Naples, FL; see for yourself!

History of Naples Botanical Garden Night Lights

Naples Botanical Garden Night Lights has come a long way since it first premiered in 2009; the garden used individual tiki torches to light up the attraction. But they’ve undoubtedly learned a thing or two over the last 10 years. This 170-acre local attraction runs for 25 nights each year and is decorated with thousands of multi-colored electric lights, tree ornaments, and other cheerful decor. For readers wondering just how many Christmas lights are used to create this winter wonderland, Naples Botanical Garden’s event productions manager says they use 1,000 feet of lighting to wrap their iconic Florida Christmas tree. 

Christmas Light Festival Expectations

However the garden’s holiday event isn’t just about the Christmas lights. Nights Lights in the Garden aims to educate the public about their tropical and subtropical plants along with various trees that you’ll see at this event. The Christmas lights are used to emphasize the plants’ natural beauty. As the plants grow in size, so do the decorations and themed areas. One year the Asian garden has an illuminated water feature with frosted glass ornaments hanging from surrounding trees, and the next year many have their rain tree wrapped with icicle-style lights. So no matter how many holiday vacations you spend in Naples, each visit to the Naples Botanical Garden Night Lights is unique. 

If you need a break from walking, stop by Naples Botanical Garden’s Fogg Cafe. You can sample some specialty menu items and sip on a signature cocktail. All items embody the flavor of the holiday season. Be sure to take your treats outside to enjoy them at the lit-up tables and chairs.

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