naples florida beach rentalsAcross the world, there is a movement started where many are becoming more conscious of the effects that we have on the world we live in. The community of Naples is on board with making our world a better place and keeping our beaches beautiful. Every year, Naples holds an annual Earth Day Celebration where the community works together to keep their paradise coast a flourishing ecosystem.

The Beginning

The very first Earth Day Celebration was held on April 22, 1970, by the Conservancy of Southwest Florida Nature Center and it drew a crowd of over twenty million people who lent a helping hand. This event had such an impact that it sparked lawmakers to pass things such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. Our Naples Paradise Coast, Marco Island area, and the Everglades are very important to us, and we owe it to Mother Nature to pay it forward.

More Than Just Picking Up Trash

Though many realize Earth Day is a lot of picking up trash and cleaning up areas so that nature can thrive, there is much more to our celebration. We believe that to have success in what we are doing and have it resonate with others; we need to go the extra mile to make it fun and educational. Live music, green activities, boat tours, educational programs, and even more are offered so that everyone can get engaged, participate, and make going green fun.

Where To Stay

If you wish to join us for this incredible annual event, Vanderbilt Vacation has fantastic accommodations to make sure you are in absolute comfort while you are here. Stay with us in one of our Naples Florida beach rentals to stay close to all of the fun and enjoy beautiful views of the clean and flourishing paradise coastline. Are you ready to get green with us?