naples beach vacationThere are countless adventures to be had along the coast of Naples that is fitting for the young just as well as the old. If you are looking for one more stop to add to your itinerary for your trip, Vanderbilt Vacation by Phase lll has just the thing. Discover the beauty and a few giants beasts with a trip to the Naples Botanical Garden on your Naples beach vacation.

Stop To Smell The Blooms

The Naples Botanical Garden is a perfect place to slow down and enjoy the colorful blooms and tropical foliage. Spend the day wandering through the different spreads of plants from all over the world in one central location. Learn about where each of the inhabiting plants grow naturally by exploring each of our various gardens. Relish in the beauty of colorful lotus flowers in the Water Garden or discover large, vibrant blooms in the Kapnik Brazilian Garden. With ten different areas to wander, you will have access to a seemingly endless array of nature’s beauty.

Daring Dino Discoveries

There is a unique event occurring in the gardens that people of all ages, especially the little ones, may enjoy. February 17th to June 3rd, discover ten intricately created animatronic dinosaurs. In real size and baring uncanny realistic feature to what is depicted in many of our history books, the massive beasts peer from the plants and greet you as you move through the gardens. Of course, no dino exhibit would be complete without a moving and roaring forty-foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex!

After Adventuring

After exploring all of the fascinating features of the Naples Botanical Garden and its prehistoric residents, it is time to settle in for a relaxing evening in your Vanderbilt Vacation beach rental. Kick your feet up in your cozy quarters and enjoy views of the beautiful waters out your windows. You can call us today to plan your trip and book your Naples beach vacation with us at Vanderbilt Vacation.